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Document Legalization

International documents that are originated in one country, but are intended for use in another country require embassy legalization to be recognized by the legal system of the foreign country. Embassy legalization is the alternative method for authenticating a document that is utilized for countries that are Non-Hague Convention countries. These countries do not recognize the Apostille as a means to authenticating documents per the 1961 Hague Convention.

The embassy legalization process involves the affirmation of document validity and the documents are evaluated for original signatures, stamp prints, and seals, and are separately deemed as authentic components to support the validity of the paperwork.

AiiAL specializes in handling both the Embassy Legalization and Apostille process for our customers with speed and efficiency through a solid network of service providers in USA.

The process for Embassy Legalization is very much dependent on the type of document and specific requirements of the destination country.

We usually process documents through Department of State within 15 business days. If you require embassy legalization service, your document will be returned to you within 30 business days.

We have a “rush” service for an additional fee.

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